When you join me classes, I will address your strengths and needs individually and lead you in the right direction to reach your goals, whatever they may be. Take a minute to look at what I offer and book a class today.

Hands Together


Yoga Class


All public classes have been cancelled until further notice. All classes have now been moved online 

Carlton Hotel Dublin Airport

Monday's 6.30pm (Starting 11th Feb)

Tuesday's - 7.30pm 

Wednesday's - 6.45pm (Last class 5th Feb) 

Thursday's - 7.00pm

Online Booking (not essential drop in space always available)

Uni Yoga, Dublin 2 

Tuesday - 7.00am

Online Booking is essential to secure space 

Yoga Lounge Raheny 

Wednesdays - 7.15pm (Pregnancy Yoga Book here



Custom Built Yoga, just what YOU need! 

Private classes are a very popular way of starting a yoga practice. I offer a cosy space to allow you to explore what yoga is to you, without the pressure of having to keep up with an already established class full of people. It is also an ideal setting to nourish and heal any pre existing injury's or conditions that might limit a "regular" practice.

One on one sessions not only allow you time to discover yoga as a beginner, but allows you to deepen your practice in a much more effective way, as a teacher it give me more time to focus on your alignment and safety, allowing me to encourage you into more advanced postures and practices that might not be accessible in a larger class setting.

Free Yoga


Putting Yoga to Work

If you would like you and your staff to experience the benefits of yoga and meditation, I would be happy to offer you a FREE consultation to discuss what benefits I can bring to you business.



Diving deeper

I have a number of Workshops and day retreats coming up this year  that allow you as a student to dive a little deeper into yoga, its history and its philosophy. Topics covered include, Yoga for beginners, the Chakra system, The Bhagavad Gita, Incorporating the elements into a practice. If there is a topic or style of yoga you would like to learn more about let me know and workshops can be created around what you would like to learn more about. 



Bagend, Spanish Yoga Retreat.

I am delighted to announce I am the

Resident Yoga Teacher for 5 weeks in July and August, in the unique location of Bagend, located in the Murcia region of southern Spain.

Bagend is a stunning off-grid, beautifully rustic yoga retreat, nussled away in the Serria Espunda Mountains.

Prices from €479 per person. 


27th July - 2nd August 

3rd - 9th August 

10th - 16th August 

17th - 23rd August 

24th - 30th August 

Take a look at the link below for full retreat description.  


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