Peace not Postures Online Course

Peace not Postures Online Course

In this online course you will get to explore the more important aspects of Yoga. We all know Yoga is more than physical shapes, but we might not often get the chance to discuss them in depth.  My aim is to bring Yoga back to the basics and look for inner peace using all of the 8 limbs of yoga. We may explore a few other Yoga Philisophies too. 


This online course will require 1 posture and that posture is Sitting! This can be sitting on a chair, on your couch, in your wheelchair on the floor, in your bed. You can sit on whatever is steady and comfortable. 


This is a great way to explore Yoga as a beginner, prehaps you are someone who has physical limitations that ristricted you from joining a "regular" yoga class. Prehaps you were intimidated by the physical ability of Yoga practitioners that you have seen online or in classes. 


It is also a prefect way for current Yoga Students to deepen your practice through stillness. 




There is a concept that Yoga & Meditation are different practices. This is a very western & modern concept


Yoga is not exercise, although Asana (yoga posture) is a part of yoga.

Yoga can be broken up into 8 limbs.

1:Yama's - External Disciplines

2:Niyama - Internal Disciplines

3:Asana - Posture. (The only mention of posture in the Yoga Sutras is a steady and comfortable posture, no mention of warrior or downward dog, these are very modern practices!)

4:Pranayama - Breath/Energy Control

5:Pratyahara - Withdrawal of Senses/Turning Inward

6:Dharana - Concentration/Focus

7:Dhyana - Meditation

8:Samadhi - Bliss


The last 4 limbs are all do to with meditation, we start with turning inwards, we concentrate, then meditation happens and then bliss happens, if we are prepared. 

The steps before hand are just as important. Breath control and posture are techniques to prepare the body and mind for stillness. And the Yama's & Niyama's are steps that help us live an ethical life.

So meditation is not something we do but something that happens when our bodies and minds are prepared. Yoga is a science that prepares us for meditation but also for life.

Of course this is a nutshell definition! It is really up to each practitioner to define what Yoga is for you, by internally & externally questioning and studying.


This workshop is an oppurtuinity to explore, question and practice each of the 8 limbs. 




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