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Wellness classes are designed to deliver impactfull mental and physical exercises in a variety of office environments. Offering a range of techniques, that will boost staff creativity, reduce stress, improve and give a better understanding of emotional well being. You can browse over the different styles of classes and workshops or request a free consultation to see what is the best fit for your workplace.Every class and workshop can be tailored to meet the needs and desires of your workplace. 

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I will share techniques that are easy to incorporate into your office space. Tools that you and your staff can utilize such as breathing techniques, meditations, and stretches that can all be done, while sitting at the comfort of your desk.  



For some people seeing an outcome or visualising a goal can be near impossible.  The right hemisphere of the brain is responsible for creative thinking, while the left hemisphere is responsible for logical thinking. With the practice of certain techniques we can manipulate which hemisphere of the brain is more active, promoting a more creative, outside the box thinking. Certain meditation techniques can help us to visualize outcomes, engaging with our imagination and creative intelligence.     

Yoga Class


Lunch time classes are very popular in the workplace, 45/60 minutes to help refresh and restore your employees body and mind. I offer a variety of styles such as Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and yin. I am also a qualified pregnancy yoga instructor so these classes can be catered to suit everyone. Class times can commence at a time that suits your office hours. Morning, Lunch or Evening time. 

Yoga Pose


Its not just physical health we need to be concerned about, bad emotional health accounts for a huge percentage of sick days. Learning to take care of our emotion health, through the ancient Yogic system known as the Chakras. The Chakra system has been known to yogis for thousands of years, there is a very close similarty between the philosophy of the Chakras and modern Psychology. I have designed this workshop to incorporate activities such as mindful eating, meditation, painting, dancing, yoga classes, and breathing excercises, all with a focus of bring about emotional health and balance. 


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