Yoga & Meditation Watch Anytime 


Each Week a Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga and Meditation Class will be added here for you to watch in your own time. Recordings will be added to this page the day after the live session.

If you wish to join the live classes please register at lest 30 minutes prior to live session. 

Tuesday Hatha Yoga, Water Element Replay

Thursday Yin Yoga - Kidney & Bladder Meridian Lines Replay

Please note that I fevered to Ujjayi breath as meaning Furious but it actually means Victorious! 

Tuesday Hatha Yoga - Ganesh Mantra Meditation 

Thursday Yin Yoga - Sat Nam Mantra

Tuesday Hatha Yoga - Solar Plexus 

Thursday Yin Yoga - Solar Plexus 


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